Funderbuilt is designed to give projects the best possible chance at reaching their funding goals.

About Funderbuilt

Simply Successful Crowdfunding.

Funderbuilt makes it easy for project owners to connect with the donors, contributors and investors who will help them fund their dreams.

With lower fees, flexible funding models and easy to manage tools for success, Funderbuilt is designed to help projects succeed. We give them the best possible chance of reaching their funding goals, and we give contributors all sorts of opportunities to play a roll in making something amazing happen.

Funderbuilt is perfectly suited to ALL KINDS of fundraising projects, so there’s no need to choose between multiple platforms. We group them into 3 categories – Causes, Ideas and Ventures — and just about any project you could imagine will fall into one of these 3 buckets.

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From animal welfare to human rights, from education to the environment, cause projects are all about raising money to do something good. They may or may not be affiliated with an established charitable organization, but if they are connected to a licensed 501c3, your donation may be tax deductible. Donors give money to causes in exchange for supporting something they are passionate about, helping someone they care about, or just from the good of their hearts.

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Idea projects raise money for all sorts of things that contributors would like to see exist, whether that’s a new invention, a music or art release, a new local business or just about anything else you could think to create. Idea project owners typically offer rewards in exchange for contributions to their idea – the more enticing the rewards, the better their chances of getting funded.

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Ventures are the only type of project that offer actual EQUITY in the business they support. They’re a little more challenging to set up, and there are a few more requirements for funding them, but those who do invest will own an actual percentage of the business and its profits when they are done.

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