How It Works

Not only is Funderbuilt designed to help you turn a project into a reality, it’s designed to make that process incredibly easy to manage. Here’s how it works.

You make it real. We make it real easy.

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How Projects Work

Funderbuilt: Create a Project

Your project belongs here. Funderbuilt gives project owners the best chance of reaching their goals.

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How Funding Works

Funderbuilt: Explore Projects

Looking to invest in an idea, cause or venture? You've come to the right place.

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The FunderFactor

Funderbuilt: FunderFactor

The FunderFactor helps both project owners and funders gage a project's quality and credibility.

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Everything you need for a successful campaign.

Funderbuilt Fees

Lower Fees!

Most crowd funding platforms take a percentage of your funds with no upper limit. Funderbuilt’s fee is never more than $250, so you keep more of the money you raise. We keep 5% of your goal, or $250, whichever is less.


Better Tools!

Our step-by-step project marketing process takes the guesswork out of promoting your project. Just login to your dashboard, review each day’s to-dos, and follow the instructions to complete them. Keep an eye on your FunderFactor to gauge your progress. It couldn’t be easier.

Flexible Funding Models

3 ways to raise!

Funderbuilt can help raise money for ALL types of projects, including donations to charitable causes, reward-based contributions to creative or business endeavors, and and even equity based investments in new business ventures. Choose whichever one is right for you!