How Funding Works

Looking to invest in an idea, cause or venture? You've come to the right place.

Funderbuilt: Explore Projects

1. Explore projects.

Good causes, inventive ideas and big business ventures… we’ve got ‘em all. Browse our Explore page to find a funding opportunity that tickles your fancy. You can also sign up to receive email updates on some of our new favorite projects.

2. Fund a project.

When you find your funding match, click the ‘Fund It’ button and select your reward option. Projects will only be funded if they reach or exceed their funding goals before the closing date. There’s no maximum limit to how much they can raise. Learn more about payment processing.

Funderbuilt: Fund a Project

Funderbuilt: Share it!

3. Share it!

Give your favorite projects more than just your financial support – share them with your social networks to help the project owner increase reach and awareness of their mission.

4. Track progress.

Visit your Dashboard to see messages and updates from project owners, keep track of how each project you support is coming along, and when a funding goal is reached.

Funderbuilt: Track Progress

Funderbuilt: Reap the Rewards

5. Reap the rewards.

When a project reaches its funding goal, project owners will begin the process of creating and distributing any reward commitments. How and when you receive the rewards will depend on them. For specific questions, contact the project owner.

How Projects Work

Funderbuilt: Create a Project

Your project belongs here. Funderbuilt gives project owners the best chance of reaching their goals.

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The FunderFactor

Funderbuilt: FunderFactor

The FunderFactor helps both project owners and funders gage a project's quality and credibility.

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Everything you need for a successful campaign.

Funderbuilt Fees

Lower Fees!

Most crowd funding platforms take a percentage of your funds with no upper limit. Funderbuilt’s fee is never more than $250, so you keep more of the money you raise. We keep 5% of your goal, or $250, whichever is less.


Better Tools!

Our step-by-step project marketing process takes the guesswork out of promoting your project. Just login to your dashboard, review each day’s to-dos, and follow the instructions to complete them. Keep an eye on your FunderFactor to gauge your progress. It couldn’t be easier.

Flexible Funding Models

3 ways to raise!

Funderbuilt can help raise money for ALL types of projects, including donations to charitable causes, reward-based contributions to creative or business endeavors, and and even equity based investments in new business ventures. Choose whichever one is right for you!