The FunderFactor

Funderbuilt: FunderFactor

What is the FunderFactor?

The FunderFactor is a quick and easy way to gauge a project’s progress, as well as the efforts of the project owner. Think of it as a multiplier – the higher the FunderFactor, the more info and efforts the owner has invested.

When you're setting up a project, the FunderFactor increases as you provide new information, details and marketing tools. The more you provide, the greater the FunderFactor, so increasing it is easy!

How it may help potential funders

When you're exploring projects, the FunderFactor is a quick way of determining how complete a project is and how invested the owner is in making it happen. A lower FunderFactor doesn't necessarily mean a project won't be successful. The owner may be able to generate the interest and funds they need without providing the details and marketing support we’re recommending. But our crowdfunding experience and marketing expertise tells us that the chances are a lot better if they complete all the info.

To learn more about the FunderFactor, see our FAQs.

Funderbuilt: FunderFactor


How Projects Work

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How Funding Works

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Funderbuilt Fees

Lower Fees!

Most crowd funding platforms take a percentage of your funds with no upper limit. Funderbuilt’s fee is never more than $250, so you keep more of the money you raise. We keep 5% of your goal, or $250, whichever is less.


Better Tools!

Our step-by-step project marketing process takes the guesswork out of promoting your project. Just login to your dashboard, review each day’s to-dos, and follow the instructions to complete them. Keep an eye on your FunderFactor to gauge your progress. It couldn’t be easier.

Flexible Funding Models

3 ways to raise!

Funderbuilt can help raise money for ALL types of projects, including donations to charitable causes, reward-based contributions to creative or business endeavors, and and even equity based investments in new business ventures. Choose whichever one is right for you!